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SCADA/PLC Improvements
Bedford Regional Water Authority (BRWA)

-We reviewed the BRWA SCADA system design and recommended and implemented numerous improvements to the alarm generation and notification system. We drafted a BRWA SCADA alarm standard that brings the BRWA SCADA system in alignment with the International Society of Automation (ISA) standards. These efforts resulted in a 90% reduction in the number of nuisance alarms sent by text message, greatly improving BRWA's situational awareness of alarm conditions.

-We modernized an obsolete control panel running a critical process at Bedford's central wastewater treatment plant. This project involved writing new PLC code to replace a 30-year old PLC, installing the new PLC and a touchscreen HMI, and integrating the control panel into the plant's SCADA system. We also added and integrated numerous sensors to improve monitoring of the process. This has greatly improved plant operators' visibility to the process and will ensure that the system continues to operate reliably for many years.

Fairwinds Automation is currently performing a wide range of automation services for BRWA in Bedford County, VA.

-We refurbished and modernized the control panels at a wastewater treatment plant and three wastewater pump stations in the Mariners Landing community. This project including replacing obsolete controllers with modern PLCs and integrating the sites into the BRWA SCADA system using a secure cellular data link. The project was completed on schedule and budget and with a minimum of system downtime.

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