Truck-Hauled Waste Disposal Control Panel
Lynchburg, VA Wastewater Treatment Plant

Fairwinds Automation designed, constructed, and programmed a custom control panel that will largely automate the process of truck-hauled waste disposal at the Lynchburg, VA wastewater treatment plant. 

This was one of the more challenging projects we have undertaken, as it involved integrating a wide array of technologies into a single system.

The control panel functions as a kiosk that allow truck drivers to process waste disposal. Drivers log into the system using badges that are issued by the plant and read by a proximity reader mounted on the panel.

Once logged in, the drivers register a specific load by scanning in a barcode on a manifest sheet issued by the plant.

The control panel then initiates an automatic disposal process that directs waste from the truck into the plant's receiving tank for processing. During the disposal process, the system monitors the pH of the waste to ensure regulatory requirements are satisfied.

The control panel integrates with an automatic sampler that collects a sample of each load for later analysis by laboratory personnel.

Information about each load is logged into a database for later retrieval and analysis.

The control panel will be integrated into the plant's SCADA system to allow operators to monitor the status of each disposal lane. Any abnormal conditions will generate alarms on the SCADA system that will prompt operators to investigate.

This control panel was delivered on schedule and on budget and is scheduled for installation at the plant in 2019.