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Broadway Water Treatment Plant SCADA System
Broadway, VA
Broadway WTP SCADA.jpg

Fairwinds Automation designed, constructed, and programmed a new control system commensurate with a major process upgrade to this water treatment plant in Broadway, VA. 

Central to this project was programming of a state-of-the-art supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system built on the Inductive Automation Ignition platform. This innovative system will provide many years of reliable process monitoring and control to the plant staff.

The new control system largely automates the water treatment process. Operators can simply enter the desired water production rate on a computer screen, and the system will automatically control water pump and chemical feed pump speeds to produce properly treated drinking water and distribute it to the Town's elevated water tanks.




















We served as the instrumentation and controls design firm for this project, specifying all instrumentation including level sensors and pH meters. We designed the SCADA system to integrate with a new Pall membrane filtration system as well as a legacy SCADA system that communicates with the Town's water tanks and pump stations via radio communications.

We designed and constructed the control panels that communicate with all of the plant equipment perform the control functions necessary for plant operation. We programmed the programmable logic controller (PLC) as well as the SCADA graphical interface.


The SCADA system provides sophisticated alarming capabilities that alert the operators to any abormal conditions. Alarms are displayed on monitors at the plant and are also sent out as text messages. The system includes a mobile application that allows secure monitoring of the plant from any smartphone or tablet.

This project was completed in 2019 and was on time and on budget. Fairwinds Automation was proud to be part of this project that will assist in providing safe drinking water for Town of Broadway for years to come.

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